Solar Power Consulting

Solar Power is reshaping energy production in the developing world. India is a fast growing country in terms of solar power. India has achieved a major milestone in solar power capacity. Recently, Government has declared that the total solar power generation capacity in the country is 8,727.62 MW. So, India is expected to become world’s third biggest solar market, next year.
Inductus is also into solar energy systems, offers consulting regarding the supply of solar technology to the rural poor, and also procurement support. It helps in designs, manufactures and planning solar Photovoltaic modules projects as well as manages the installation processes. Inductus is engaged with Solar Technologies manufactures and offers SPV technology based solutions to meet the demands of commercial and industrial establishments of Indian Market.

Inductus is intended to serve the installation of Solar Panels in various Petrol Pumps of India.

Inductus is envisoned to serve various Banks by Solar Systems Implementation project.

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Inductus provides sustainable energy solutions and services to serve the household and businesses sector. We are also working with Rooftop solar projects, which is a well known phenomenon now days. We offer consulting regarding the supply of solar technology to the rural poor, and also procurement support.
Inductus is working with effective conventional water pumping systems, which is meant to help in the remote locations where the cost of running traditional water piping is prohibitive or of limited access. We are also, looking forward for new and relevant projects in solar energy sector.
Inductus helps in providing Solar Power Solution to commercial establishments like Houses, Petrol Pumps, Hospitals and Banks etc in India. We help the project developers in installing the plant within Budget, time and with high performance and also helps to adopt best practices to ensure assured return on investment.
Inductus is slowly gaining its prominence in the generation of solar power due to comprehensive and ambitious government’s solar policies and projects. In future, we are in pipeline for generating solar power-driven agricultural water pumping stations, Thus Inductus has a bright picture in front of India’s growing solar power market.
Inductus aimed to be one of the top pioneering companies leading in the solar power sector in its vision 2020.