Development Sector

Inductus plays a vital role in the growth on Indian economy through development sector. As the development sector is multi-faceted and is moving towards a more professional approach, we are trying to grab the growth opportunities.
As a consequence, National development policies include education policy, community development, business development and public health policy or energy experts. In the development sector we are working with government in collaboration and support to avail our services

World Health Partners is a not-for-profit health service delivery organization that uses social franchising to link existing village-level providers through business relationships and technology to high levels of care in order to provide comprehensive, quality health care to rural communities. Inductus has been awarded by WHP for providing Sky care Training to the rural practitioners.

Inductus has provided a wide range of project management services to UNICEF. Inductus has successfully facilitated strengthening of the Birth Registration Campaign in state of Bihar. Inductus has also worked on the project of Data Entry for Polio SMNET supported Routine Immunization Monitoring. Also, has provided many project management services.

IPE Global is an international development consulting company providing expert technical assistance and solutions for equitable development and sustainable growth in developing countries. Inductus have been providing HR Consulting Services to IPE Global.

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Inductus works with development sector covering the key areas within civil society, education, justice and security. Building on our in-depth knowledge and broad experience of development issues within these sectors, we deliver national development solutions that offer a unique approach to achieving sustainable change.
We work with government programs on Education, public health, birth registration campaign, data management, campaign management, skill development, livelihood missions, water & sanitation etc. by providing innovative high quality services to our esteemed clients and support them to scale their solutions to address complex challenges faced in implementation of a project.
We have worked with diversified clients in development sector across, on a number of projects including World Health Partners, UNICEF, Futures Group, Care India, Janani, Concern International (PCI), IPE Global and many more.
Inductus aims to help in the development projects in Education and society to transform Health opportunities, Educational opportunities, youth opportunities etc.